Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Painting Tray Update: Red Army Infantry now all Base Coated

Still a "Work In Progress" (it's quite a big batch):

Revell's Russian Summer Infantry, old but still very nice:

Based to various game systems, single for Skirmish, double Command Decision and long double and larger squares to accommodate the figures and/or a small diorama. Yes I could never quite make up my mind:

That's the theory anyway:

Note to Tim Gow: No capitalist Ford salon cars for my Red Army officers ;)

Painting of a more mundane nature has caught up with me, Matt Magnolia walls, Matt White ceilings and don't get me started on the Brilliant White Gloss woodwork! That's not paint you have to smear it on!!!

Painting Guide to date:
  • Uniform: Vellejo Russian Uniform WWII Green
  • Boots: Black
  • Flesh: Games Workshop Tanned Flash
  • Helmets: Vallejo Russian Green
What Next?
  • Leather belts and cases: Vallejo Red Leather or Tamiya Dark Red Brown or GW Scorched Earth
  • Weapons: a dull Vallejo Metal or GW Chaos Black and Mithril Silver 2:1 mix
  • Wash: Not yet decided Tim Gow says Windsor and Newton Nut Brown Ink, there's GW Devlan Mud to hand and I must not forget to add a drop of PVA in this time (tip: courtesy of GW LOTR Return of the King painting guide) 
Painting tray put away for the time being so the Russian hoard is on a temporary hold until several rooms are painted :(


Paul said...

Nice work Geordie. Sorry to hear about the house painting.

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

OOOhhhh - the curse of the 1:1 scale painting project! Also, the taxing problem of how to best base 20th century figures - singles, multiples or combinations thereof.
The Russians look really good and I am seriously tempted to get some plastics on the go - techniques and paints have improved dramatically since I last painted Airfix Napoleonics 35 years ago!

All the best,


Thanos said...

I like the shading very much mate!
Great work!

mork6969 said...

Thats a real huge army. Nice work and thanks for your painting guide. It is always intersting wich colours are used!

Laffe said...

What's the purpose of the drop of PVA when using Devlan Mud? I'm struggling with DM myself, I don't think it's as good as people say, I'd rather use a good old brown ink.

The Belgian, said...

Why would you mix a bit of PVA in the wash? Just curious. Good looking batch of red army conscripts by the way!


Beccas said...

Great looking unit. Very well painted.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks for the comments and encouragement

The PVA was a tip picked up from the GW LOTR painting guide when they were talking about washes

Note: The washed figures above (see the officers) have not had PVA mixed with the ink

The PVA is supposed to react with the ink to spread it more (lessen surface tension and improve/quicken drying time)

That's the theory, I'll see how it all pans out ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

PS: Check out NZ Paul's Plastic Warriors as he uses washes to great effect