Monday, 19 November 2012

Closing Time for Maximillian (Impetus) : Part V and Finale

End Game Blues: 

The Mongol/Scythian Chieftain hurls himself and his royal retinue at the rear of Maximilian's Renaissance "Pike Block". Game Over if he gets good dice (as the Pike Block would go the way of a stack of dominoes), or 'bounce with indignation' otherwise. "Worth a pop m'Lord" (see below):

Ha ha! Better Renaissance dice than Mongol/Scythian which means that the Pike Block is safe for now, (see below) phew! 

Can I finish the game by ransacking the tempting, oh so tempting and oh so near camp? ... Not quite, I spend all my possible movement getting oh so close (you can just see the back end of my Pike Block top left see below) ... And damn them! The Steppe nomads get the initiative again. "The Horror, The Horror" as my mounted crossbowmen disappear after a bloody skirmish with Steppe Light Horse (yes I found out they do have an Impetus value the hard way, see below): 

The Steppe lads have one last fling of the dice, an "evens" dice attack on my Camp .. not by any means a sure run thing either and perhaps even rather chancy for their army morale if they lose it (see below):

"IF" is such a potent ancient word and concept,yes "IF" (see below) - "Game Over" as the Renaissance army morale and "will to go on fighting" crumbles into Steppe dust (see below): 

Arggh, defeated again, back to the painting shed to resurrect the dead and vary my army composition yet again. A close run thing and highly enjoyable to play (am I really saying that?) a thank you to my noble Steppe opponent.


Impetus never breathes a dull game.


Monty said...

Great game, Geordie! Always thought about getting into Impetus, but as usual, have been distracted by other things ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Going by my run of defeats and close draws (I only have won one game, my first and that I think a fluke) I would recommend playing me if you get the chance ;)

I would say that it is one of those sets of rules that rather than going out and buying the rules and trying to figure it out how to play yourself .. don't ... go find a club/group or catch it at a competition .. it has to be "seen" first otherwise I think you'll pick up the wrong end of the stick