Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Mis-education of the Renaissance Period continues (Impetus) : Part I

A trick of the light or is it an ominous omen? The wargaming green baize turns a ghostly sunset purple (see below) as my Maximilian Renaissance turn out against some Steppe nomads (Mongols) looking suspiciously like Persian "light horse" (as that in fact that was what they were). As usual I start bungling around (yellow markers for disorder) after an errant set-up,trying to get some mounted troops to cover the exposed side of a pike block.

I have not played in a while but I have not lost my touch, see the masking of my cannon ;)  

My opponent confidently lines out the Mongols(see below). Note: See my Renaissance "pike block" arrowhead pointing at his camp, the strategy here being when fighting an army of Light Horse attack the one thing that cannot move away from you at a speed faster than you. A stationary camp seems a good choice.

One of my favourite units, deep formation of Germanic Men-At-Arms (MAA) (see below). I had a labour of love painting them, they are admired by my fellow wargamers and yes, I have shown myself tactically inept in their use :(

Look out! The swarm of missile capable steppe-men approach (see below). Disorder for them is their normal state and there seems to be lots of them. I immediately encounter a cunning/interesting Impetus displacement rule regarding partial-contact and Light Horse interpenetration of Ligh Horse which gives them a very dynamic buzzing feel.

It all seems orderly chaos on the Mongols side (see below), but lots of small odds missile attacks seem to be persistently coming my way.   

The Mongol Light Horse don't seem to pleased about the Renaissance ranged Harquebusier fire (hurrah) as they retreat in disorder and a casualty,but I know they will be back (see below):

It is nice to see that I have still masked my guns, and even moire hurtful thanks to an unfortunate accountancy error on my part I had downgraded their ability from A to B class, which meant I didn't get my usual comforting long distance fire ranging across the table.

Next: Pressing on with the attack

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