Saturday, 17 November 2012

That Sinking Feeling on the Left of the Line (Impetus) : Part III

While the action is 'give and take' on the right hand side of the battlefield (as I look at it), the reciprocal is true of the left where I am getting well and truly "gubbed" (see below). My Germanic MAA's are being withered by missile fire from 'waves' of bow armed light horse. Damn them as they evade as I try to get at them and I end up disorded in front of them taking more of the same again.

Eventually the inevitable happens and the "deep formation" becomes much shallower due to casualties (see below). Here I have totally wasted one of my best units for no gain in return, I have placed it incorrectly and then "not used" it, paying a dreadful price. I should have charged towards the enemy camp and they would have had to try and defend it. Instead I waited to come onto my turf, bad mistake as I lost the initiative. I am very upset with myself for not even managing to even "play the game",I should know better by now. I have definitely not figured out the 'Impetus mounted troops lark' and I have not covered a key unit with a "bunch of cheap skirmishers" to enable me to be able to react with the 'prime unit'. Poor marks for this general and the Mongols are laughing all the way to the bank.Cyrus the Great and Darius had the same trouble :(  

Meanwhile over on the right the pike block is starting to cut loose and push people aside (see below). The Burgundian Knights in the bottom middle are in a position to support the "drive to the camp". Offensive action is the key in Impetus taking it to the enemy and making him react to you.

Even my DoppelSoldners (Impact empowered and thus melee capable skirmishers) get into the action as they charge into action against some of the "few" Mongol foot, bow armed skirmishers (see below): 

A brilliant success is posted as the Mongol skirmishers disappear (see below), evening up the battlefield casualty tally somewhat and opening a wide gap to the enemy camp and "victory"(?), ahem careful, famous last words and all that ;)

Urk, perhaps spoken too soon as this looks particularly bad (see below):

Charged in the rear by Mongol heavy infantry (where did they come from and look there are only four models on the bases, the other Mongol foot, as in their skirmisher had a mighty three figures on it for "gawds" sake, a few more couldn't have been that hard to paint surely to better represent its stats).

The dice tumble and I await their outcome, looking statistically improbable for me though. 

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