Sunday, 18 November 2012

The "Renaissance" Backfield Gets Bust Wide Open (Impetus): Part IV

As I feared my Germanic brave and gallant MAA's disappeared so I hung my head in deep shame. Fine men wasted by my oafish generalship and my knuckle-pigheadedness (see below). A very large gap and open flank now haunted me. I just hoped I would win the initiative.

You know when you really, really need it,as so often is the case in life, you just don't get it. This was the way of the initiative and I stood in horror only to watch my artillery being run down by Mongol Light Horse men (see below): 

The gunners go down (see below):

In the follow up my Skirmish Harquebusier's get over-run (I will have to double check this as I am uncertain about what can fight what in close combat, I thought you needed a Impetus value, unless perhaps mounted versus Skirmishers?).

My rampaging DoppelSoldners get some unwanted attention from some Mongol Light Horse but thankfully their arrows miss (see below):

However they get an unexpected visit in their rear (perhaps another situation which allows Light Horse skirmish to close to melee) and despite being fresh and undamaged the disorder and damaged Light Horse remove them from play (see below):

It ain't what you've got but it's the way that you use it that gets you points in Impetus. The Renaissance army is bleeding away units at an alarming rate (see below):

The Mongols are not quite done yet, as the Mongol Chieftain on his own Light Horse is eying up an attack on the rear of the Renaissance "Pike Block" with General attached. Minimal risk to himself and perhaps, best case end-game to him

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Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Notes from Scythian/Mongol Impetus commander:

My Scythian LH all have Impetus 1, so they are not restricted as far as moving into contact goes. Other LH with I 0 have some issues. They can move into contact with skirmishers, disordered units or units on flank or rear but otherwise cannot contact.

Aha!I knew there was a reason why I was dying