Friday, 16 November 2012

Mongol Mayhem and a Renaissance Fight Back (Impetus) : Part II

The astute of vision viewers will vaguely remember a sleeve of shot (Harquebusiers) to the left of my Pike Block. To my horror I discover the Mongols have a unit of heavy cavalry that tears them apart (see below): 

I knew they would be back(see below), a hoard of Mongol "bow capable" Light Horse harass and start inflicting casualties on my stoic troops (I knew it was gong to be a long day in the trenches).  

It's even worse for my poor (well painted and beloved by all) Germanic Men-At-Arms (MAA) as they are out on a limb and have no means of retaliating against these gad flies. The dice when these chaps get up close and let rip is quite frightening. Methinks they have no 'morale fear' of opponents for sure, but then again they only really fear things that can shoot them down. More the fool me for leaving them unsupported :( 

The Mongol heavy horse go for broke. A flank charge into the pike block. If they win the melee they kill the pike block and it's game over. They don't and they are rolled over by my blue and white (Blackburn Rovers) Burgundian Knights. The Mongol heavy horse are a speed bump and a thing of the past (see below). I sense my counterattack has started. 

My pike block flows forward in search of that camp to destroy, meanwhile I try to clear up in its wake, shooting up some light horse before I send in my mounted crossbowmen (as they have an Impetus and can engage in melee). It is nice to see some damage accruing on the Mongol Light Horse (see below): 

The pike block effectively detaches from my main army and "goes for it" sensing the enemy camp over yonder hill (see below) trapping a unit of Light Horse against their buttocks, the recoiling Mongols are removed from play, but there are plenty more where they game from :

The Burgundian Knights (now no longer fresh after fighting multiple combats) intend to do their best to try and catch up with them, there is the small matter of enemy units in the way. The battle swings on the next "initiative roll".

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