Wednesday, 30 October 2013

France 1940: Return to Tagnon (WWII Battlefront Scenario) 1

Part II of the France 1940 Game:

As the ferocious infantry battle rages in Tagnon (see earlier post) the French defenders of the river line pensively await the Nazi onslaught. The river line is defended by two under strength battalions holding three key crossing points. The central position (see top of photograph below) has an under strength infantry battalion with a reinforced infantry company holding the French right flank (see bottom of photograph below): 

On the left flank behind Tagnon (see below, top of photograph) a composite force of French Divisional Reece and Cavalry hunker down in their second line defences hoping to be bypassed by the action. The area around the middle defensive position has been deliberately flooded to impede the progress of the Panzers (see below, bottom of the photograph):   

At the rear portion of the table, described as the French "third line", armoured/mobile H-35's and AMR's (a form of rapid reaction force) French troops start arriving from their dispersal points (see below behind the main defensive village):   

To the far French right a powerful Panhard armoured car company races to the front line in search of reliable intelligence of the reported German "ghost" Panzers (see below):

Like a hoard of small black insects the "panzers" appear (see below):

A panzer battalion supported by recon companies and a whole motorcycle battalion appears, arcing down the German baseline intent on performing an audacious 'end-run'.

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