Monday, 14 October 2013

The Thity Years War Campaign has now "Started"

The glorious campaign map from the GMT game (of same said name, i.e."Thirty Years War") in the flux of opening play (see below):  

Of extreme interest is the opening rapier like strike into the heart of the "Catholic" Holy Roman Empire by the Germanic "Protestant" Princes threatening the very "Gates of Vienna" itself (see below):  

Despite his forces being heavily outnumbered the Holy Roman Emperor decides fight outside the capitol in the hope of buying time (at least another turn) rather than by holed up inside Vienna like a rat, awaiting the simple siege roll of a dice (unable to effect the outcome). Her at least he stands the chance of inflicting damage on the attackers which ultimately may make his relief attempt easier.

So much for the grand strategy, what about the battle?

Next: Battle for the Road to Vienna

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sebastien gimeno said...

hooo. Sounds promising.

Keep us posted.