Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Reviewing the "September Surge" of postings

During September I tested myself with a "thirty day challenge" as inspired by the TED talk 'You can try anything new for thirty days'.

To post (as it turned out at least) one a day for the whole of September. Whoppee, not quite the life changing event such as giving up sugar or caffeine, or even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro .. AND .. I did stack up some postings in advance (cheat, cheat) via the Blogger "scheduling" feature. For example, I had the "Chain of Command" game series of posts 'in the bag' all lined up ready to go, but I seemed to be posting the night before for at least half the time (which explains some of mypoor spelling and punctuation, ahem to "Boldy Go" sticks out in my mind).

The posts also seemed to be (at least to my mind) smaller and 'snappier' (almost curt) and looking at a picture for the most part. A big downside being my beautiful wife and spouse was also snappier "Are you on that computer again, it's past your bedtime! Never mind what the TED talk said!" 

I think the posts were a little more varied in topic as begets more thoughts on future projects appeared as well as what I was currently doing on my immediate painting table, no secrets left ;)

In Summary:
Experiment over, as I type this on the 30th September (as befitting a night before posting) I can safely say that during October, November and December I will 'step down a gear (or two)' or risk burnt food at the dinner table as well as Blogger exhaustion.


Your thoughts as always ever appreciated ;)


Prufrock said...

Well done! If I wrote a post a day I think a) I would go nuts and b) followers would start deserting the blog in droves!


Paul Foster said...

30 posts in one month Geordie!

Cripes I thought I was bad.

Awesome effort however.