Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Renaissance Campaign: The Road to Vienna (Vienna Battle Part I)

The HRE has detailed a force to side astride the main highway to Vienna. The rules are DBR and the HRE troops are roughly outnumbered by odds of 3:2. They have been instructed to "die hard" and inflict as many casualties on the enemy as possible. The HRE is not present but his thoughts are with his troops. Two infantry commands are placed on the board. The third (cavalry?) is kept off table as it is "out of line of sight" of the Protestant Princes (see below, leading off the photograph is a huge patch dead ground obscured from view by a large hill in "no-man land")

The Germanic Princes deploy their infantry mass (supported by blocks of Pistol Cavalry) to "walk" straight over said 'obscuring hill' to see what is over the other side. In the centre is a large cannon with two supporting guns (which intends to pick on some Pike Blocks) with the Protestant right wing comprising of horse (Dragoons, Pistols and Light Horse) in a "hold the flank role" (see below): 

My (Protestant) flank:

Three Dragoons with some very nice "rough cover in front of them", a block of six Pistols (the type that like to get stuck in rather than shoot at range) and four Asiatic looking fast light horse who again go hand-to-hand rather than shoot (see below):

Against the infantry block of shooters in front of me (in a terrain piece "to boot") I think I'll probably be watching most of this game.

However I cautiously advance to stop the enemy from march moving away, which effectively means keep something within 30 cms but outside of the 20 cms which is the Shot shooting range (see below): 

Meanwhile the "mass" of Protestant infantry steadily advance to wards the hill (see below, the beginning of the hill is just seen to the left of the photograph):   

Next: What lies over that hill?


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