Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Advancing along "The Road To Leipzig" are MY newly finished Prussians

I am more proud of the fact that I actually managed to finish these fine Prussian fellows after about ten years WIP status, than the finished paint job. It is after all my first attempt, albeit a long awaited final product (see below):

Playing around with the camera settings as per the 1/72 Commando post (Note: I am a cautious child as after over a years ownership and I am only now starting to play and experiment) gave me the close up of the command stand (see below): 

Brave fellows to a man, especially since they are on "the road that leads to Leipzig"! I now have to work out if I move over into 'factory production mode'and simplify my painting technique for a faster turn around for my remaining 176 Prussian 15mm Old Glory troopers.

After the unit was finally completed I did get a sense of satisfaction that 'deep down' meant I wanted to do more ;) 


Sun of York said...

Excellent work on these Old Glory figures.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks "Sun of York", the trick is to 'keep riding the bike' and get into a factory production line of mass painting ;)

Watch this space