Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Road To Leipzig Is Blocked by the French

The French infantry managed to deploy and squared off against the Russian/Prussian vanguard. Both sides view an attack across a defended river line rather unwise. The Blucher decided to take up a strong defensive position and use their artillery to good effect until the bulk of the Allied infantry arrived (see below):

Meanwhile the Russian heavy artillery (see below, top left hand corner) showed its teeth to the body of French infantry posing such tempting targets across the river (see below, top right hand corner):  

The French seemed content to "sit it out under the guns" until their own reinforcements came on. These happen to be a certain "Guard Artillery" formation. Time will tell if Blucher will appreciated the weight of this 'incoming cannon' as much as he was enjoying the 'outgoing'. This strange mismatch of "good troops in all the wrong places" came about from this simple enough looking board game (see below):

Note: Main battle to the LHS of the map, mini battle to the RHS of the map. Napoleon's counter is yet to be awakened from his slumber.

Meanwhile I am trying to paint a few more Prussians to make a complete "Age of Eagles" battlefield formation. Currently I am more spectator of other general's formations! The thought of literally moving my own troops is enticing ;)

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