Thursday, 18 June 2015

Gems from the Attic ... "little beauts" ... 1/76 (or 1/72) Airfix Series 2 WW2 British Commandos (or should I say childhood survivors!)

Did I hear you say "Series 2"? (YES, see below):

I have seen the Internet pictures, so I know they did exist. I vaguely remembered them as a kid but later in life I wondered if they were in fact a false memory, implanted with wishful thinking. The big ones in 1/32 scale still exist (exact copies of what previously had been available in 1/76 or 1/72 scale) but sadly (as in tragically spelt with an "arghhh!") the small ones of Series 2 moulds were lost to us through misfortune or accident I believe.

Of course I am referring to the fabled Airfix HO/OO 1/76 scale Series 2 British World War II Commando Set. Other blogs have referred to them in hushed tones of reverence:

Imagine my surprise when my older brother called by with a sweetie jar crammed full of old toy soldiers and I poured out an assortment well travelled PBI. To find a small detachment of surviving British Commandos (see below, remember these are NOT 1/32 scale).

May I introduce my "survivors":

The radioman, remember this is 1/76 or 1/72 depending on your measuring ruler (see below):

Classic crawling commando, you know he mean business (see below):

My favourite pose, the grenade thrower (see below):

Even the guy throwing a rope is cool (see below):

The Bren gunner is another cool pose (see below):

The only dubious figure to my mind is the Bazooka man (surely we would have used a PIAT?) but heck he's still cool (see below):

Er, OK I don't think I can start planning the Cockleshell Heroes raid as I only have a partial canoe, but I guess you cannot have everything (see below):

Last, but not quite least, I think this guy was climbing up a ladder, but he could be hiding or a casualty (see below):

True, I am missing some of the classic figures: The officer with a Webley and Scott pistol, the cool standing Thompson "tommy gunner", the cool sauntering/walking commando, the runner with rifle and I am not a "full canoe", but I thought I would never even get my hands on the above! So I am a happy man ... full of childhood memories!


I am so excited I posted twice today!


Al said...

So coooool! I'd love some of these for my own collection. Tim Gow sent x2 a couple of years ago and they are treasured. There is an unwritten gaming rule that says... "series two Airfix Commandos cannot be killed ever under any circumstances because they are way too cool!"

Paul Foster said...

Yep these are the bee's knees chaps. They make for awesome conversions as well with head swaps with Matchbox Brit helmets.

I am always looking out for them on the trade sites.

Excellent post.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Totally agree with the ANZAC boys
I am a happy lad
Only trouble is "Dare I paint them"