Friday, 22 January 2016

Just Another Day in the Space Marine Corp (1)

I have been a bit slow on the 'practical' side of wargaming as of late, but here is the long overdue saga of a Space Crusade game played before Xmas ...

Everyone (aka read 'geek' of Big Bang Theory description) dreams of joining a Space Marine Chapter, "Don't they?". In the case of the undecided I offered 'free beer'. Even better they brought their own so it was obviously going to be a "good gaming night". The Space Marines deploy finding a small [Getchin] moving metal thing to beat up (see below):

Anyway, to go off hunting bug-eyed monsters and killing deviant followers of Chaos, as per the Emperors' instructions (or rather the semi-lucid incantations from his throne/life-support system). So therefore we find Space Hulk "Abomination" welcoming three rookie squads on a 'Hunt the Dreadnought' mission. The boys all tooled up with heavy weapons 'pile in' and start wading into the minor minions of Chaos (see below, a Blood Angels Space Marine Commander trying to look "hard and cool"):

As the going gets slightly tougher (as in the second round of combat) a "rookie marine" reports 'equipment failure' as in "Sarge my dice aren't working they keep rolling noughts!" (See below, a discussion on the merits of the d20 fantasy dice rolling a number but missing being more satisfying that "a pair" of zeroes):

The (Yellow) Emperor's Bodyguard (aka The Imperials Fists) poked a solitary Space Marine out as point, to which Chaos reacted violently (albeit ineffectively). The 'ambushers' were in turn ambushed by Imperial Fist reinforcements (see below, both photos):  

However never underestimate a Chaos Space Marine armed with a Plasma Cannon, the straight beam cutting down two Imperial Fist grunts. The merits of spreading your figures and avoiding clustering became apparent! The fighting was getting 'down and dirty' (see below):  

So far the three units of Space Marines had covered a lot of territory but the bulk of the Chaos counters seemed to be bunched in protecting "Sector 4" where the priority objective of the mission (aka a 'Chaos Dreadnought') had to be!

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