Sunday, 24 January 2016

Just Another Day in the Space Marine Corp (2)

Space Marine teams penetrate deeper into the "Space Hulk Abomination". The Blood Angel team gets caught up in a vicious fire-fight with a renegade Chaos Space Marine Commander sniping down a Blood Angel grunt (see below):

Incensed the Blood Angel Commander takes out his opposite number mano-on-mano style (see below, scratch one servant of Chaos):

All three Space Marine teams had made excellent progress room-clearing minor Chaos minions. The Imperial Fists commander had taken issue with the Chaos Space Marine Heavy Weapons gunner that had taken out two of his troopers (see below) while the Ultra Marines had taken out the potentially deadly recon android. All that was left was to find the Dreadnought, kill it and then get out of "Dodge".

The Blood Angels were the 'lucky' team to find their "Primary Mission Objective" hunkering down in its "Alamo" bolt-whole, a Space Marine Trooper paying the price for the "reconnaissance by contact" strategy (see below):  

The Blood Angels reacted the only way they know. The Commander takes on the Dreadnought hand-to-hand with his power-sword. Alas, the Chaos Force effect was strong with the dice (evil laughter) and he fell "a hero to the corp", but dead nevertheless (see below):

Two remaining Blood Angel Troopers faced off against the deadliest of alien killing machines, the final Chaos Space Marines and a dirty "reptilian" Orc Grunt. The Imperial Fists and Ultra Marines teams were heading as fast as they could to the critical battle-zone but will they be quick enough to save the beleaguered Blood Angels?

Next: Face-Off against the Dreadnought!

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