Thursday, 21 January 2016

PS4: AIR CONFLICTS - Pacific Carriers

If you cannot beat them then join them!

The 'family' (ahem, eldest son with his elbows to the fore, but the others make sure he does not get it all his own way as we all have 'our own' games) got a PS4 as the big Xmas present. The sounds of action packed "Lego" fights (Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Dimensions) along with the mandatory shuffling sounds of heaps of small Lego pieces (quite evocative) echo through the house for most of the weekend! When the tired kids are off to bed and the wife thinks she'll get a bit of piece and quiet I slip away into WWII Carrier Combat (see below, WWII PS4 game and a custard tart, does it get any better?)

So far I have made it to Midway on Rookie setting with the easier Arcade control settings (call it a need for easy gratification) but the Cap and AA keep shooting me down as I try and take out the Kaga and Akagi.

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