Monday, 19 December 2016

28mm 8th Army Progress

After many a cut, glue and splice "The 8th Army" boys have taken form (see below):

I decided to follow the basic "Order Of Battle" pattern as per the Perry's literature for 37 out of the 40 figures. That gives me three basic infantry sections (NCO, Six rifles, Bren Gunner, Loader, Rifle) and a command section (Junior Officer, Senior NCO, Radioman, Boyes AT Rifle and Loader, 2" Mortar Man and Loader). In Chain of Command terms the extra body in the Perry's list is the Radioman however pair him up with another Officer type figure and you have a nice FOO team, that leaves two "extra figures". The choice seemed relatively straight forward as the most useful piece of kit in the British Infantry platoon arsenal is the 2" Mortar to lay down additional covering smoke. Another one of these please!

This necessitates a slice and slice of plastic as I had to convert the laying down Bren team to be "walking with the Bren" so I could make the second mortar unit. All is well that ends well though, next up is the painting job ;)

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