Saturday, 31 December 2016

Final pictures of 2016 ... Half Tracks II (and just made the ton up: 100 posts)

On the other side of the "transport track" is the redoutable M3 Allied half-track from Plastic Soldier Company (PSC), not as sexy as a Hanomag perhaps but functional (see below, three M3 half-tracks full of Tommies):

PSC also provide the US with a crew version to complement the British (see below, full of GIs):

This fills out a platoon or company worth of armoured infantry (depending if you play Chain of Command or Command Decision) In addition to PSC, Academy do a M3 half track which gives nice variation in models (see below, side mounted 30 cals being of interest, so points it to the US forces):

A couple of extra shots of the German Hanomags mentioned in the previous post (see below):

Another close up of the Hanomag 251/2 81mm mortar (see below):

That's a few plastic boxes of models shifted from the loft to the "to be painted" boxes in the cupboard ;)

A final note for 2016: 

I seemed to "struggle" with the blog this year, barely making 100 posts. Lots happening, mostly good, moving jobs and a growing (as in kids getting older) family makes inroads into hobby time. HAd fun and used some games to keep in touch with some old friends which was good

Best wishes to one and all in advance of 2017 ;)


Paul Foster said...

All the best for the New Year Geordie.

My workload too has given a hole in my years progress as well.


P.S Hanomags are very sexy indeed.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Paul
I need to start slapping some paint on them pretty soon to keep the WWII momentum going