Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Airfix Battles Scenario Three - Bring on the Tiger (Part II)

The German Panzer Commander was not going to be drawn into a headlong rush and methodically subjected the already battered American squad to a hail of machine gun, long barrelled 75mm and shells of  the dreaded Tiger's 88mm. This was all too much and American's were eliminated with ruthless efficiency (see below):

To the German Panzer Commander all seemed to be completely under control. The American Infantry were hiding out of line-of-sight and the American Tankers were reluctant to show themselves for fear of meeting their nemesis, "The Tiger" (see below):

This complacency was soon to be shattered as the Americans "bounced back" in a brave and spirited counter-attack. A Sherman blasted through the 'boccage' and stood ready to strike down the exposed German infantry. The long range shots of the Tiger were woe fully off the mark (see below):

The Sherman commander trained his 75mm cannon on the hapless Grenadiers. Time seemed to stand still, certain death was but moments away (see below):

Years of bitter combat experience on the Eastern Front clicked in and the Panzer IV Commander executed a daring flank attack (by virtue of an interrupt). The "hunter" had suddenly become the "hunted" (see below):

With a slug already in the barrel the Panzer IV succeeded at short range where its heavier cousin (The Tiger) had failed at long range. The Sherman was decapitated to the relief of the petrified German Landsers (see below):

Once again the situation seemed to be in back under control and the Germans started thinking about sealing the matter once and for all, There would be more more turn and one last throw of the dice in the game. The German had all of his armour in play and one and a half squads of infantry. The Americans were down to two Shermans and only one squad of infantry. The German Commander knew they were the threat as they were the only unit capable of retaking the village Objective. A lot depended on the next initiative roll, the loser being the "nail" to the other players "hammer".

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