Thursday, 15 December 2016

Airfix Battles Scenario Three - Bring on the Tiger (Part III)

Even as, with dramatic effect, smoke started billowing out from the freshly killed Sherman, the Americans launched another spirited counter-attack (see below, the smoke was courtesy of the jubilant German player's modest special effect talent):

With amazing alacrity a dare-devil Sherman bounded the complete length of the table and swung point blank onto the Tiger's more vulnerable flank side. So disturbing was this to the German player he burned an Interrupt card. Using this special event card (and removing the card's use from further play on this vital turn) the Tiger itself swung round to face the "cheeky" threat head-on to lessen its vulnerability (see below, the Sherman had originated from behind the top middle tree-line):

The exchange of fire left the Sherman in an extremely damaged state, morale faltering as it retreated away from the Tiger but still alive  (effectively on one hit point) and in the game - importantly not handing the Germans any "double armour victory points". Having blunted the German armour reaction potential the American Infantry counter-attacked. Firstly retaking the Objective then pouring withering fire of the ful-strength German Squad to devastating effect (see below):

In fact the only man left standing was the atached German Infantry Commader who escaped by teh skin of his teeth. The Americans now held the key terain feature and looked to edge the tactical situation. The German only had a hald squad on infantry he was capable of moving (see below):

In desparation the German Infantry tried to attack teh wounded Sherman. The sight of another burning Sherman might just be enough to shake the Americans (over 50% casualties). The anti-tank squad took care aim and fired ... (see below):

And missed. Too bad the signal to retreat was made and the Americans had pulled this one out of the bag. The German tanks were required elsewhere and the German Infantry was too thin on the ground to hold the Americans up. It was time to live and fight another day.

An excellent game played in great spirit with some good old fashioned 20mm or 1/72 (or even 1/76) scale toys of yesteryear. I need to paint some half-tracks and anti-tank guns for Game IV. Something I intend to do over the Xmas break.


David Cooke said...

Interesting game. Something, it must memories of my original collection, pulling me like a moth to a flame. A new period.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


It is a pity that the game does not seem to have "taken off"
Airfix are omniously quiet IMHO