Friday, 30 December 2016

Cleaning up 2016 .. some more plastic "put-togethers" (PSC WW2 Hanomag 251/1, 251/2 and 251/10 Half Tracks)

Little bits and pieces that I did in 2016 ,,, seems right I post then in 2016!

As half-track transports are needed for the fourth scenario in Airfix Battles and being in a fidgeting mood, earlier in the month  I slapped together the PSC Hanomags that had be queued in the "to do" pile for the last six months. The beauty of PSC is that they go together very, very nicely with good detail in double quick time. The PSC pack I was putting together was the "special variety pack" however on reflection I really just needed the standard variants (already having two old Esci engineering Hanomags, a Hasagawa Stummel short 75mm and an old Esci version of the flame-throwing beast) but the Mortar carrying variant (251/2) was a must.

I started the builds with a standard 251/1 (see below, nicely packed with troops and extra kit on the side):

Next the 251/10 Commander A/T variant  (see below, likewise pleasantly cluttered with extras):

Another standard 251/1 APC, with plenty of extra's to ornament the sides a busy looking  (see below):

Finally the 'strange' 251/2 Mortar variant (see below):

That leaves me with a lot of German camo painting in 2017, but I am pretty much there for my Command Decision German armoured infantry (Panzer Grenadiers) OrBat.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Fantastic little kits. Just can't imagine using any other 251's now that I've tried them...and their a dream to paint. Nice post

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Will have to get my paint brushes out ;)