Thursday, 4 January 2018

28mm Soviet Project Progress (Part 2)

The WWII Russian 28mm Infantry Project Box (see below, a very useful [and posh] box from a birthday present from last year "Hotel Chocolat" now home to 40 unpainted Russian WWII 28mm Infantry, as it said on the tin - dividers were cut out of an old beer box, a winner all round!):

Next "Primed by Airfix (Acrylic 01)" some of the 24 Soviet infantry (more on how that number came about later) I needed for my "initial order of battle" (see below, note the height of the box lid on the table allows me to get just a bit closer than usual):

And from the side (see below, already it is apparent there is so much more detail in 28mm, they do have great character):

Now "Washed Brown by Vallejo" (see below, this LMG ammo carrier is 'full of don't mess with me attitude"):

Obviously fed up of carrying all this heavy ammo about (see below, he is so "odds on" to be shouted at by a NCO):

Pity then the poor Soviet Rifleman who depends on the LMG fire to keep the MG42s at bay (see below, a nice classic pose):

Although I trimmed the figures as I assembled them the primer, then the wash helps me spot the "bits I missed". So there will be a need to file a bit here and there - but no matter it is better to do this now than at the Khaki paint stage. Notice also I have been fairly fearless with the Vallejo Brown Wash, but I like the result. Admittedly most of this will be painted over but it helps my "painting eye"and I will take all the help I can, when I can!

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