Monday, 22 January 2018

Al Stewart - Roads to Moscow (WWII Themed Song for the upcoming Chain of Command Stalingrad Campaign)

From "The Year of the Cat" to "Roads to Moscow" (sung from a Russian soldier's perspective) Al Stewart plays them all:

You Tube:

I particularly like this verse from the middle of the song ..
... Two broken Tigers on fire in the night. Flicker their souls to the wind. We wait in the lines for the final approach to begin. It's been almost four years that I've carried a gun. At home it will almost be spring. The flames of the Tigers are lighting the road to Berlin. Ah, quickly we move through the ruins that bow to the ground. The old men and children they send out to face us, they can't slow us down. And all that I ever. Was able to see. The eyes of the city are opening. Now it's the end of the dream ...
While I am talking about WWII Eastern Front you have got to check out Service Rations Distribution posts on his Kursk and Stalingrad games:


General WW2 Stuff from SRB

Re: Song - I am just showing my age! It also demonstrates the power of the Internet and Google's search engine as I could not remember the title of the song. So I type in "Al Stewart General Guderian". Al Stewart is fair enough but the reference to General Guderian comes from a line in another verse, but it came back with a decent match.


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

When I was at college and on the JCR committee, I managed to book Al Stewart to do a gig for the students. He was very popular with the female students (who made up over 90% of the college's student body) and it was a sell-out. It was so packed, that I had to watch from the lighting booth!

ROADS TO MOSCOW is one of his better songs, although his song about admirals is probably better. I have both on my iPhone and iPad.

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Bob,

I'll have to Google for the Admirals song

Best Wishes