Monday, 8 January 2018

WWII 20mm Soviet "Shadow" Project

As you may know from what I have already posted in 2017/2018 I am engaged with one new "active" wargaming project, i.e. collaboration with a group of "like minded wargaming individuals" to put on a 'mini' Chain of Command campaign in early spring 2018 , the twist being it is in 28mm. Hence the "I am gonna do this thing" 28mm painting posts to jump start my efforts. You may also recall  my wargaming world view is that 20mm is "the one true [certainly in Skirmish "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) and possibly higher level (MegaBlitz probably "yes", but Command Decision a "maybe" or "no" [if there are lots of tanks flying about]) aka the Operational Art of War level] WWII wargaming scale". All other scales are whims and fancies, the dragon's teeth thrown down by the necromancer in Jason and the Argonauts! OK. I think I had an early, formative Airfix experience when I was young, my older brothers gave me lots of Airfix "presents". Hence as I descend into this 28mm madness I have hatched a cunning 20mm "escape plan". I will replicate my 28mm OrdBat in 'fresh' 20mm as well. Mirroring the Warlord Soviet 28mm Winter Infantry is the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) 20mm-1/72 Summer Russian Infantry Platoon (see below):

I immediately noticed one 20mm advantage, there are "more of them" per box. That means one PSC 20mm Russian Infantry box contains more than enough infantry to complete the full Russian Stalingrad platoon OrdBat I am after without the annoying need to supplement 'gaps' with expensive metals or begging unwanted LMGs from other people's plastic sprues, or buy another expensive 28mm "box" of figures. Besides that I literally have hundreds of other plastic (even metal) Russian figures I could pull in at a stretch to fill in any of those "silly gaps" + required support options, seriously NO PROBLEM. I am not going to purchase a 28mm Soviet Tank! Additionally I really like the PSC Soviet Infantry as I think they have plenty of character and are nicely posed. Therefore this is a "win-win" scenario for me (see below):

Hence the first Stalingrad Chain of Command (CoC) Platoon has now been primed in my preferred Airfix Acrylic (01) Grey. I hope to shadow the 28mm in 20mm as it progresses along (Note: Madness would mean I should also paint the 15mm PSC Soviet Infantry I have .. but I don't think I'll go there just yet)!

Note to self: This mean I am slightly updating my 20mm Russian WWII Infantry Painting Guide

Painting Prep Phase:

  • Step 1: Fix washed plastic soldier to a base via UHU glue
  • Step 2: Apply Airfix Acrylic Grey Primer (01)
  • Step 3: (Next) Wash figures in Vallejo Brown Wash


Simon said...

20mm is the proper scale for WW2

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I agree Simon

The range of available kit in 20mm is IMHO the best although FoW do wacky stuff in 15mm

When you introduce armour 15mm/10mm had advantages but "tank cramming" on the battlefield is simply a distortion of the battlefield

Tank battalion country is 1/200 to 1/300 but I think you start to lose the flavour!

As it stands I have just simply spread (too) far and wide with my scales

Al said...


so many scales and projects, so little time...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Spooky this post seems to be getting hit by a lot of "bots"
Shadow Russians must mean something else