Monday, 29 January 2018

Sparta v Argos (Re-Run Take III): Clash of Spears (Part 2)

The Spartans rolled for their Command PiPs and got a ... (see below):

I strained hard not to smile but it is hard even for a veteran player like myself. Explaining the options [or rather 'option'] open to the Spartan Phalanx (stand still and expand one base width or go forward) he decided (see below):

"Spartans go forward" was the simple reply and he did straight into my face, a typical Spartan tactic, he must have been reading some background information (see below, a brave move as the Argives could cause the Spartans big trouble if they roll high PiPs):

They look pretty tough dudes these Spartans (see below):

My plan however was simple, to win on the hill on the left of the Argive line with the help of my Psiloi friends from behind the Spartan line of battle. I should also add, before I got crushed on my Argive right by superior Spartan numbers (see below):

All I had to do was .. not ...

Not throw a 1 .... "Arrrgh". I didn't hide that emotion very well either! All I could do (after my head had bounced off the table in despair) was expand out on my weaker right hand flank to cause the Spartans more PiPs before they destroy it (maybe I should have just bounced forwards in retrospect). I had thought it best to bring my Psiloi into play but I had grossly miscalculated the command radius . The Psiloi were over the crest of the hill (The command range dropped to four bases widths [160mm], halved from the normal eight [320mm] because of the LOS obstruction of the crest of the hill. The very hill that was so integral to my "cunning plan") and now required 2 PiPs that I didn't have to move. Curses. No combat was initiated by the Argives this turn but not so with the Spartans on their next turn as they came bowling over, in that same old Spartan fashion. I was feeling like the novice now. This was going to hurt, if not immediately then it would set up the Spartan attack on the Argive right flank where the Spartan numbers [of pointy spears] would decisively tell (see below):

The clash of bronze on bronze rung through the hills of Sparta. I worked through teh mechanics of combat with the "novice" and he picked them up very quickly, in fact almost intuitively he got teh hang of things rather well. No immediate deaths but what resulted was rather an uneven and ragged battle line. To my Argive horror I noticed I had a very vulnerable looking isolated hoplite stand on my right but on teh otehr hand I had bounced the Spartan middle back in a very interesting fashion. If I pushed forwards next turn there could be interesting results. However I was feeling very queasy about not having any of my Psilio to hand, or rather to the back of the Spartans (see below):

So with the opening maneuvering rounds over and the two hoplite lines "going at each other like rabbits" it was only a matter of time before something gave way in true DBA fashion.

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