Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Russo-Jap War Naval: Port Arthur Break Out (Part 2) Action Stations

On patrol outside of Port Arthur, aboard the flagship Mikasa, Admiral Togo sees the unmistakable form of the Russian Fleet in battle order steaming directly at him. He sets in motion the signals to concentrate all the Japanese battle squadrons which are currently in three separate formations: The main battle squadron, a squadron of protected cruisers and a third squadron of obsolete old battleships (see below, "The Russian First Pacific Fleet" in a condensed sailing formation trying to bust the Japanese encirclement):

Sensing an opportunity to strike first the Russian commander orders his destroyers to concentrate on the obsolete Japanese battleship squadron (see below, in the top part of the picture two Russian destroyers head towards the Japanese battle line). If nothing else this desperate attack should delay their  arrival in the main theatre of action and increase the odds for the Russian breakout to be successful. As a countermeasure the Japanese Vice Admiral detaches his destroyer formation for protection (see below):   

Meanwhile the Japanese third force appears on the horizon. A squadron of four protected cruisers with another destroyer flotilla. Note: They are armed with small relatively calibre guns but carry torpedoes with are a greater threat (see below):

The Japanese destroyers trade blows with their Russian counterparts, however given the 2:1 odds some Russian destroyers are bound to get through. The Japanese obsolete battleships main their secondary armament in anticipation of a fierce battle to come (see below):

Away from the destroyer action the main contest begins at long range. The Japanese expertise in gunnery shows (or was it just the dice) as the Retvizan suffers the first serious damage of the contest. First blood to the Imperial Japanese Navy. Note: The significance of this is that it is permanent damage and cannot be repaired. This means the Russian ship has a negative Dice Roll Modifier (DRM) in its attack rolls (see below):

The van of the Imperial Russian First Pacific Battle Squadron (First Division) is surrounded in long range shell splashes. At this point it in teh proceedings it becomes apparent that the odds are 4:3 in the Japanese favour, as four Japanes battleships are firing to the three Russian Battleships. A small tactical advantage the Japanese wants to use, particularly as there are three Russian battleships lurking yet to be engaged (as in the The Imperial Russian First Pacific Battle Squadron, Second Division). Unbeknownst to the Russians the Japanese have actually lost two battleships that were struck by mines and floundered outside Port Arthur. To supplement their depleted battle line and make it back up to a round "six" Tojo has pulled in two armoured cruisers to "strengthen the line". However it is a very mute point as to whether or not these armoured cruisers really want to go toe-to-toe with a battleship, even if it is a Russian battleship. Currently they are sight seeing events at the back of the battle line (see below, the armoured cruisers are out of the picture but following on bottom right, a friendly squadron of Japanese destroyers can also be seen bottom right):     

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Michał Kucharski said...

Looking great!

Phil Broeders said...

Great report.

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Very nice looking collection old chap! I like the shell splashes/hit markers - I use the black and white pegs from an old copy of the game Mastermind. These pegs can stand upside down and look OK but those of yours look far better.

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Ian Robinson said...

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Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Glad you liked it gents

David: Shell splashes
They are the mother of invention
Not mine but a friends

Cotton bud "white ends" dipped in PVA and painted
Snipped and the mounted of "plasti-card" that has been "hole punched"
Yes the genius of it
It is on my list "to do"

Also I intend to order some of my friends "plastic orange bang" markers (see my Hood post)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Ian "watch this space"

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