Friday, 5 January 2018

The Necron Fixation Continues ...

I have a few Necron kits that have been hanging around, unloved but assembled in the loft. Time for a spot of random painting. I use Sci-Fi to king of "jump-start" my painting mojo! These Necron monstrosities look harmless enough when assembled and coated in Airfix Grey (01) Acrylic Primer (see below, Necron Praetorian Nasty Killer Robot things looking rather bland):

But when you Vallejo Black Wash them they seem to spice it up a bit and turn all "nasty looking" (see below):

Then you do the same to some 'other' Necron Nasty Killer Robot sort of thing (you may sense I am not so up on the Necron OrBat but buy things sort of for their "look") and a "killer death-match" buzz sort of happens (see below, these being Deathmark/Lychguard Killer Robots [apparently]):

All this Killer Robot thing is fair enough but what I need is a leaders type. So I walked the walk to the GW shops and took the hit, knowing this to be a designated Dad present from the kids. Fearing the worst (a direct hit in the wallet region) I befriended the staff (they were excellent painters 
and we "jive talked" all around the hobby, from historical to Sci-Fi) who pointed "you can get a lot more plastic for your buck" if you buy a commander in a tank and base the Command Robot separately. Let me "take me to the Necron Leader" (see below, in dire need of Airfix Grey Primer and Vallejo Black Wash to "nasty" him [it] up):

Looking around my Necron Box of Evil I saw that I had some normal sized "Kill-O-Zap" Robots ("tee-hee"sneaked in a Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy reference in when nobody was looking) that were duly Airfix Primed and Vallejo Black Washed along with the ubiquitous scavenger mini robot droids (see below, I constantly use these in place of Space Gretchings in my Space Crusade Games  - being referred to as "cleaning/lavatory bots". They have taken out a surprising number of hardened Space Marines with their high powered "cleaning fluid jet and sharpie duster attachment"):

Even though I may moan about the price the derail on the robots is good. The more I look at the artwork the more I see I can return to the basic paint job and spruce it up a bit (see below, the Black Wash in particular is good at picking out hidden detail):


OK, I had a choice pay £17 for a figure (single .. I am sure its Combat Ratings were good, but seriously?) or pay £22.50 and get a Necron tank with a couple of Mega Cannon as well. Seeing that the mega Cannon configuration (sadly not shown below) reminded me of the things the baddies in Flash Gordon used ("Gordon's alive!) I was a sucker for the tank (see below):

The whole Necron episode painting lasted but twenty fours of "priming and washing" madness but it seemed to clear the air [or rather "painters block"] for historical stuff to come along and be fearlessly attacked (see previous Russian 28mm posts)


Phil said...

Very nice job, love the robots...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I think I could easily write the "101 uses of an Evil Robot" book ;)