Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Aughrim 1691 (Part 2): Bombardment then Advance!

The Irish Skirmishers face out from the fortified hamlet putting a brave face on their predicament (see below):

There is now a ring of British and Dutch Skirmish infantry, backed with horse and a light cannon in a position to bombard the hamlet. The attack will "go by the book" - A is for Advance, B is for Bombard (see below):

The isolated nature of the Irish position is shown here, nothing in support (see below):

The other Irish defenders are content holding the banks of the swollen river, They managed to claim a fleeting enfilade on the passing Royal Dutch Skirmishers but otherwise remain impotent  (see below):

Gradually the cannon does it work and masonry falls, in the far distance the regular British and Dutch infantry "tread the bog" to slowly get into assault position (see below): 

There is no need to rush the affair, from yonder parts of the battlefield the crash of other cannon is heard. The reports however come mainly from the British and Dutch lines (see below):

Several turns into the battle and the hamlet is reduced by two thirds (see below, note the green dice indicating 4 hits [from a total of 6]):

The Regiment of "British Blues" Skirmishers looks upon the smoldering ruins of the hamlet (see below):

The Royal Dutch Skirmishers position themselves for the assault. Angered by the ungentlemanly flank shot by the skulking Irish by the river the Dutch have bayonets fixed and are not likely to give 'quarter' (see below): 

With the cannon's job done, the next phase will be a job for the infantry. Normally storming a (previously fortified) hamlet is not a job for skirmishers, but the defending garrison are all skirmishers too so the playing field is "level" and the attack is viable (see below):     

C is for close combat. The Dutch and English stage the fight at two to one odds, with the "quality gauge" in their favour (see below):

The contest is short and brutal, but in a nutshell the regulars simply outfought the composite bunch of passionate Irishmen and the result is inevitable (see below):

The hamlet is taken the next phase of operations begins, to the riverbank (see below):

However events have moved on. There are loud noises coming from other parts of the battlefield. The screams and cries mean that the hounds are loose and the dogs of war are at play.

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Ray Rousell said...

Excellent! What's gonna happen in part three?????

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Well a couple of things that took me completely by surprise!!