Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Russians are Coming but Don't Panic... they are in 28mm (Painting Update: P1)

The Stalingrad Project deadline approaches so my 28mm Warlord Games Winter Infantry Platoon figures call me, along side some 20mm Plastic Soldier Company and Revell brethren in the far background (see below):

The base colours sit atop of a Valejo Sepia Wash (see below):

The detail of the 28mm figures is truly incredible (see below):

I have chosen in the first instance to use Vallejo Russian Uniform Green WWII (Model Color 70924) as the "shade" colour for the basic Russian uniforms (see below):

The choice seemed logical until I referred back to the Flames of War Painting Guide and I saw that they recommended Vallejo English Uniform instead (Model Color 70921):

The more I painted the more I realised my mistake, as the colour became much more "green" en masse (see below):

The helmets were painted Russian Green (Model Color 70894) as a "shade" which is correct with the notion that Russian Uniform WWII (Model Color 70924) is the "base" colour in the sequence .. which I would think is the highlight if I used the same sequence for AFVs [the "shade" being an as yet unidentified darker green.] My mistake made I pondered what to do (see below):

The tester figure I had done earlier didn't seem so bad, so I deduced that Russian Uniform Green WWII was not bad for an overcoat but not so good for the tunic and cloth caps (see below):

Hence I would lightly re-wash the tunics with Vallejo Sepia Shade and put the English Uniform on. I think this will affect less than a dozen figures all told and will give a nice variation in tunics. Everything was a dirty compromise at this time anyway. I should dirty up the Russian uniforms no matter what (see below):

Again looking at the figures the detail is stunning (see below):

I much prefer painting plastics to metals as the paint seems to flow over the surface much better. Especially if you wash and prime the figure first (I use Arifix acrylic primer 01 .. but the local hobby stores seem to either not stocking it or running out and not getting replenished). The factory approach means that I will have to paint some forty 28mm figures in the "shades" before moving onto the next stage (see below): 

In the above, the first clump (24 figures) constitutes the "basic platoon minus casualties taken [aka diced for] in crossing the Volga". The latter (background) clump (16 figures) will be the extras I could spend "scenario resource points on" to supplement my basic force. I am toying with the thought of getting a few metal "extras" to bump up the support weaponry from "Black Tree". More on that later.

Next: More painting required ...

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