Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Russians are Coming but Don't Panic... they are in 28mm and 20mm (Painting Update: P2)

Alongside the big 28mm figures (to be fair still few in numbers) I have many of their little cousins in 20mm (let's not mention the unopened boxes of 15mm that were destined for a dual CrossFire and Flames of War project that has officially "stalled"), so while I was "at it" I primed up some "classic) Revell 20mm Russian (Summer) infatry in Airfix Acrylic (01). Notably the 'silly' one-leg in the air grenade throwing pose (see below, in my defence he is a rifleman and you need quite a lot of riflemen in the Soviet army): 

Along with the classic Revell, there were the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) 20mm figures (very nice, especially once you get them 'primed and washed' - I have high hopes for these [two packs, one of  'Summer Infantry' and one of 'Heavy Support Weapons']) and a pack of newer Revell Winter Infantry - with harder plastic (Note: Not the old "Skiing Siberians"). All told I have easily enough for a platoon of Revell "classics" supplemented with other metals to make up a platoon and the PSC to make another. With metal "odds and sods" helping out with the shortage of Russian LMG teams (see below, a mass of primed and washed plastics):

Meanwhile some 28mm Black Tree "specialists" are primed Airfix Grey, two LMG Teams and two flamethrowers (see below, with the much needed Maxim MMG, still in the pack):

The Plastic Soldier Company 20mm platoon lines up for inspection (see below, with the bigger 28mm Warlord Games boys off to the right):

The metals follow the plastics in the "factory" painting system. Even though most of the Vallejo Sepia Brown Wash (bar the brown deep in figures recesses) will be painted over, I do like how it brings the figure detail to life and 'guides' the eye for better painting (see below):

All told I have five Russian Squads in my Stalingrad OrBat (three squads being my depleted "core" as per my terrible casualty rolls for the campaign system, the two fuller squads will be possible extras I could pull depending on the scenario) and I am going through each squad in turn "shade painting" the figures areas. See below a bunch of 28mm Russians WIP on their "shade" [British Uniform] layer before going onto their "base" [Khaki-Grey] stage. I have to say they paint up very nice, although I am not a fast painter, I am savouring the experience albeit with an 'End of March' or lose the Stalingrad Factory 'through lack of troops' deadline (see below, no pressure then!):

I line them up in their squads and paint them one by one until I am done. As I have the paint out I give a covering of paint onto the 20mm soldiers as well, really just checking out that the "painting scheme" works out for both sizes (see below):

The first Plastic Soldier Company 20mm "squad" (see below, whereas I am focusing on the 28mm platoon I would like a sample 20mm squad painted up as well as a "guide"):

An overhead shot of the "painting table". My useful ex-ice-cream box of Russian paints can be seen top  left (see below):

So on with the factory Kanban! Bring up the next squad when the last one is done (see below, as I have said before .. the figures are animated and 'full of character'):

PS: Don't tell anyone but painting WWII in 28mm seems to be fun and helps me paint the same nationality with more assurance (certainly of colour palette) when I drop down to 20mm (and hopefully in 15mm too)!


Michał Kucharski said...

Looking great and waiting for more :)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Michal
They are becoming a labour of love ;)