Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Russians are Coming but Don't Panic... they are in 28mm (Painting Update: P3)

In the Warlord games pack you get three squads (each of SMG Sarge, 2 LMG Team, 8 Rifle) and a Junior Leader (Lt), plus these extra "spares" [of which an additional 2 x 2 LMG Teams and 2 Flamethrowers Black Tree metals have been added]. That gives me an unused 'prone' infantry figure I made up as an anti-tank rifleman (PTRD), two extra SMGs and another Junior Officer (Lt). These can be pulled in from the Soviet Chain of Command "supports" list (see below):

The collection is coming along as seen below. Infantry squads are to the right and "extra" figures to the left. In total I have six LMG teams to fit into my "Stalingrad Order of Battle" (see below):

Time to add to the "shade" paint (Vallejo Model Colour: English Uniform) with a layer of "base" (Vallejo Model Colour Khaki Grey). The models look crude in the "shade" state but catch character quite quickly when adding "base" and "highlight" (see below):

Incrementally different areas add platoon coming to life. The few soldiers (in tunics) I errantly "shaded" with Vallejo Russian Uniform were washed in Vallejo Sepia and re-shaded in English Uniform, the "winter overcoats" are staying with the "Russian Green Uniform" look (see below):

A close up look at two of the more finished models (see below):

The figures are grouped into three wardrobe types for ease of the "factory painting" process. The first batch (squad) primary in summer tunics, the second squad is in the trademark Russian quilted winter jackets and the third squad wears the (Green) Russian winter overcoats (see below, the second squad):

The Russian Winter overcoats received a Vallejo Sepia brown wash to dull them down and make the recesses look shadowy and dirty (see below, the third squad):

With the "base" coat applied to the tunic area thoughts now bear on the 'light touch' highlight (Vallejo Model Colour Khaki). The key thing here is that I do not want to 'swamp' the figure as I have a tendency to do (see below, first squad is calling out for the highlight first):

I experiment with the highlights with a figure. Don't mess with the no nonsense LMG gunner. I took the opportunity to paint the blanket as to get a real feel of the figure.

Blanket: "Shade" Vallejo Model Colour German Camp Beige, "base" 50% Vallejo Model Colour German Camo Beige + 50% Vallejo Model Colour  Pale Grey Blue and "highlight" Vallejo Model Colour Pale Grey Blue

I am going to stick with this combination for the generic blanket and shoulder slung kit bags for my Russians (see below, I like the way he looks):

For that matter don't mess with the Sergeant armed with the SMG (see below, still have to play around with the flash tones on this one):

Next: Adding the "base" to the "shades" across all the kit in a Vallejo 'run of colours'.


Michał Kucharski said...

Looking really awesome!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hope to get them off the painting 'factory line' and into the Tractor Factory in Stalingrad soon ;)