Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Hurricane Mk I

Under-rated by the Luftwaffe but in the Battle of Britain the Hurricane shot down more German planes than the Spitfire. Rugged, durable and a good gun platform. Again this model was rescued from a long, long wait (since June) in a box next to my painting table.

I just have to get into the mood.

This one is flying in the markings of Squadron Leader Stanford Tuck, 257 Squadron, RAF 1940, as per the Airfix instruction manual.

Decals not as tricky as the Defiant, with only a few small tears along the way.

The Matt Cote came in really handy to give a seal over the model and blending the colours together. Showing the pretty but ineffectual black(dark)/sky(light) British identification scheme (see below). Tally Ho!

A nice model to make :)


Al said...

You make really nice models Geordie

Paul said...

Super build, more please!

Really well done.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers lads :)

I'm hoping to get cracking on the Fairey Battle next, that is 'when' it gets delivered :)

Alanus, Dux Homunculorum said...

Looks great mate. Hurricanes are brilliant. Look forward to seeing the Battle.

Tim Gow said...

Very nice - bring on the Battle.

mork6969 said...

Great work, Geordie. Please go on with it!