Saturday, 15 January 2011

Necron Destroyer

Sticking to the late New Year's Resolution I took in hand this wandering Sci-Fi addition and started work on "him" the day of purchase. Not a complicated build and I did not opt for any real form of sophistication with the paint work.

I did wash the sprue in warm soapy water beforehand which is a step forward in my preparation technique ;)

Nasty brute:

Shades of the "Terminator" though the vivid green see through plastic in the weapon is a nice touch.

Every gamer need a futuristic killing machine or two in their back pocket, especially one which looks a "tad" (Yorkshire vernacular for 'a little') like a trillobite.

The worrying thing was that my eldest boy, rather took to him and asked if I had any more! Curses GW already have him and I had so much high hopes for my Airfix 1/32 collection.

GW Chaos Black Paint (undercoat)
My GW Boltgun Metal had all dried up (another one bites the dust, hmm), so I used a mixture of GW Chaos Black and GW Mithril Silver (successively increasing the latter to lighten the effect)

That was pretty much it.

I toyed with the idea of detailing it, or black washing but in the end liked it as it was. I do have an admission of also having a packet standard Necrons (bought from a previous visit to the same HobbyCraft, well they didn't have my Airfix Fairey Battle in stock) to populate my future Science Fiction one-off scenarios (I cannot be considered as a 40K gamer [yet? They'll get me through the kiddies!]

Next: Back from an "alternative future" to the "historical modelled past" ;)

Reply to Comments:
Seeing as I still cannot post (have I been black-listed? I think not) I'll pen my replies here.

Al, it's a whim thing.
I see a pack I like and I'll but and paint them.
I don't intend to follow the GW Necron army list.
The odd " alien thing" will come in handy, as per my pride and joy Sci-Fi Robot of AD2000 fame "Hammerstein",  from Wargames Foundry

Greek Geek: Not sure, all the cartoons these days are Space/SuperHero oriented.
The young chap is only six but into Sci-Fi and Fantasy, although I managed to put the odd tank in there ;)


Al said...

Brutal mate, how big an army is it going to be?

Greek_Geek said...

Ηave no fear for the young one... Show him the way of the old plastics and he'll surely follow. No matter how cool Destroyers may look, all pale in comparison to a Koenigtiger in ambush camo ;)