Thursday, 20 January 2011

Other items on the Painting Tray

Also down on the table:

A dozen or so Revell Russian Summer infantry (purchased originally in the mid 1990's [1995 in Aberdeen I think]) that have spooked "Maurice the Spy" into doing a runner (I don't fancy his chances against the snipers at the back with their telescopic sights).

I am practising on these chaps before having a go at the 20mm Plastic Soldier Russians (aka a Xmas present to myself).

One man running after another (Maurice seems to be giving chase to this wayward Russian, perhaps they have documents to exchange!):

No real plan to my painting, but still any forward progress is good progress! No sign od the Saturn V moving to the painting table until I clear some more space!


Paul said...

Christmas presents to ones self are the best sort of gift giving mate.

Revell Soviets are awesome, show these soon. the Officers looks good.

Paul´s Bods said...

maybe..maurice is running after the other one because maurice has found his wallet. No? Ok...the bus has just come? :-D
I don´t have any painting plan either...I paint what I like when I like.
The ylook good.