Sunday, 16 January 2011

15mm Borodino 1812: The BIG Xmas Game I missed (Russian)

Complementing the French perspective of the battlefield, the view from the Russian side is as follows:

The Russian Left:

With Cossacks out of the picture to the far, far left an impressive array of Russian horse lay to the left of the line, supporting the (now) last battalions of fresh Russian infantry. All artillery associated with the horse and reserve foot formations has been drawn forward into the defensive line.

The Russian Middle-Left:

The wreckage of battle shows retiring Russian artillery and infantry reserves pushed forward, with Russian cavalry engaged with their French counterparts in the area of the "little fletches" now mainly devoid of infantry. With the exception of two cavalry clashes the armies are having a respite before having another go.

The Russian Middle-Right:

The opposing armies are actively "still in contact" and much of the movement surrounds a vigorous Russian counter attack over gently rolling hills. The normal status of units now seems to be disordered and going from "Fresh" to "Worn". It is fair to say that there is still some mileage in this part of the battlefield yet and it all 'hangs in the balance'.

Borodino (foreground) and the Great Redoubt (background):

The former is completely untouched and the troops are relaxing playing cards and watching the spectacle of one abortive attack after abortive attack by the French infantry on Borodino. The Russians feel so safe here they are switching troops from the defensive position to help/support their counter attack in the right-middle. Not a living Frenchman in sight, as the troops that were defending Borodino are now attacking across the river and about to make a gigantic stir. 

The Russian Right

The Russian generals on the hill (above) confer on a job well done.

Artillery, horse and elite Russian infantry from Borodino preparing to attack across the river at the battered French left wing. To the right of this picture following a bend in the river is a Russian Cossack formation (hiding defensively in a wood) from the last fresh French formation, a cavalry Corp, so positioned if the above attack is successful it will receive a nasty blow in the flank. Off picture to the left are Russian militia units leaving their prepared defensive positions to try and join in the fight in the dying stages of the battle. Will this be their finest hour?

So. Will the French reverse on their left flank be offset with gains made in the centre or are the Russians about to take the French to the cleaners. More blood will flow and action is bound to spark on the all too quiet French Right/Russian Left.

To be continued ...


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