Thursday, 13 January 2011

Painting Tray: The State of Play January 2011

From an apparent random selection of items order shall reign:

I have a late New Years resolution to add: LIFO
Last In First Out (in order of construction)

Meaning anything bought new jumps to the top of the to do list
Let's see how it goes

  • 9:00 o'clock = 1/72 Revell Russian Summer Infantry (Stalingrad range I think, destined to fight my Revell German Panzer Grenadiers, er only fourteen years old)
  • 10:00 o'clock = "Maurice the Spy" (see 6:00 o'clock below the Westland Lysander)
  • 11:00 o'clock = a Necron Destroyer (read below, as I hang my head in shame), just purchased
  • 12:00 o'clock = Buzz Lightyear (broken) hmm, rating scheme not applicable
  • 1:00 o'clock = a Dalek (broken) likewise rating scheme not applicable
  • 2:00 o'clock = a pint of beer (in the process of drinking) very recent [now finished]
  • 6:00 o'clock = Airfix Westland Lysander 1/72, under-coated black, waiting for camouflage pattern and decals (about a year old)
Which means I have a Necron Destroyer to do (which was the most interesting thing I could find in HobbyCraft, that's my excuse anyway I only said I wasn't going to buy their (GW) paints any more)


Tim Gow said...

At least you got the beer finished!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I cannot ignore that Russian mass of infantry for much longer

Crack the Vallejo paints open my T-34's need infantry support