Monday, 3 January 2011

2010 Review: Xmas and New Year Shopping Treats

I think I have the whole of this year's painting/modelling projects sorted out after a visit to Edinburgh's Wonderland Models

A great shop

Strolling through the isles, and it is SO, SO nice to touch and feel,  I saw kits/figures I had but only dreamed about and never seen as such in my local town model shop(s). For me it was 20mm heaven. In particular the Chinese manufacturer Caesar Miniatures:

Then Pegasus caught my eye, a crazy must have:

Then Plastic Soldier, who I had heard so much about but never seen:

And finally a new fast build Italeri kit I wanted:

Then my Xmas money was all out :(
That "no money" teenager feeling all over again!

I therefore could not get any of the new Airfix Truck kits they had in stock, the half dozen other Caesar and Pegasus kits/figures I liked, the tempting Valient Miniatures (German sets of intantry) or even start looking at the Hat or ArmourFast models. I also averted my eyes from their 1/600 and 1/700 naval kits.

Still I knew that I also have a Airfix Fairey Battle "in the post" coming to me :)

I left contented that a job had been done


Alanus, Dux Homunculorum said...

Happy painting!

Paul said...

A very nice haul indeed Geordie, can you feel the envy I am radiating!

The Battle! Is this around?

Tim Gow said...

I've not been to the Wonderland shop for years - good to hear it's still worth a visit.

The Belgian, said...

These purchases will keep you busy for a while!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes folks I feel spoilt and my New Years Resolution is to do the new stuff before I try and wade into the "backlog"

Paul, the Battle is certainly now around, I could have had two flights of three if I wanted (Muese bridges here we come), but I was also told my Xmas present from the in-laws (a Wonderland Models online order) had already been dispatched.

Tim, if you get to go to Edinburgh it will be bigger than when you last saw it as they have expanded the model section into what must have been storage or another shop. They seem to be big into the online side of things too.

The Belgian/Alanus, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it ;)