Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Prinz Eugen sails forth with a basecode of Atlantic grey

The "Sink the Bismarck" kits are still 'calling' to me (but they are on my 'list' of things to do so they are technically a distraction not a deviation from my 'clanky tanks' project): 

The Prince Eugen catches my eye for a quick once-over with the brush (see above), in many ways a miniature 8" version of the battleship Bismarck. So much so that even the chief gunnery officer and Admiral Holland mistook the Prince Eugen for the Bismarck in the opening phases of the Battle of the Denmark Strait and mistakenly opened up on the Prince Eugen first (much to the angst of the crew of the Prince Eugen):

The hull and super structure gets a coat of Games Workshop Adeptus BattleGrey (again just to use it up) and the decking Anita's Acrylic Dark Earth.The superstructure according to the Airfix painting guide is rather interesting in being a lighter shade of grey than the hull. Hmm, that goes against my usual WW2 warship painting scheme so I'll have to plan what to do during the forthcoming 'mid-tone highlighting' phase:  

She looks rather menacing if your are on the bridge of a County class British cruiser guarding the misty approaches to the Denmark Straits in 1940. The German force s for the Battle of the Denmark Strait are approaching completion what so the RN?


Paul said...

Can you leave a biro or something in some of the shots so I can get an idea of scale Geordie.

Quite lost in regards to ship scales.

Cheers Paul

David Crook said...

Hi geordie,

Nice looking piece of kit indeed. I would Bikini to make one and would not be Atoll surprised if I did!

It would go like a bomb....;-)

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Will do Paul, she is a about five inches long in 1/1200 scale. David, I know you know too much about history ;)