Friday, 6 January 2012

Airfix Releases 2012

Airfix Releases

Of interest is the 1/76 Matilda re-release for the Western Desert (although I have a stash of three partially painted and one of the Hedgehog jungle variant already) and the new German King Tiger II (in what looks like a Porshe turret)

The 1/76 Cromwell is still on my shopping list from last year and I should really get the 1/76 Churchill Bridgelayer before it "disappears"

The only other this I note is the multiple Me-109's and a "ground attack" Mustang 


Paul said...

Just what the world needed, another Tiger...Drat.

Agree about the Cromwell however and I must get a few of these myself.

Erhntly said...

Vuuu King Tiger...:) I'm waiting..

Tim Gow said...

I still haven't picked up the Cromwell kit, but then I only painted the resin kits I've had since the mid '90s last year!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Paul: You are right about "another (King)Tiger" kit on the Market! I am slightly surprised that Airfix did not 'pimp' their original Tiger kit and add in the mud flaps and rear stowage bin to make it a decent kit

Doubtless I will buy it even with a Porshe turret

Tim: You know these kits are really investments for the retirement home days or "cash in the attic" for the family when we are gone ;)

Erhntly: Down boy!

Funny pairing the King Cat with the Cromwell, a JSIII would have been a better pairing (or JSII if Airfix did one)