Saturday, 21 January 2012

Painting Tray: A Distraction

Confessions of a wargaming butterfly continued ... I lasted twenty days into 2012 until I was distracted by of all things whilst wandering round Hobbycraft ... I saw it, I succumbed to it and then I bought it ... can you spot my wargaming 'January folly' below?

Now I have got to figure out what to do with it (or rather them). Of all things a small (4 figures) pack of Games Workshop Eldar Guardians. I just thought for 'general' Science Fiction they may come in useful, somehow. I tried to justify them on the basis of a painting exercise and a 'wash' technique experiment. My eldest son (nearly seven) thought they were 'cool' which is worrying for the future.

Painting Guide pulled from the Net:

Meanwhile the KM Prinz Eugen slowly acquires more Atlantic Grey paint (the Airfix painting guide was not that convincing so I decided two shades of get would suffice). A more pressing need is the four Renaissance Light Horse from Redoubt Enterprises that are needing painting in the next eight days for my next Impetus game.


Monty said...

Very good Geordie, hey, don't worry about the GW stuff; I inherited a big bag of Orks some time ago and have been agonising over getting some Cadians to skirmish with them. No movement yet though... ;)

Peter Douglas said...


There are no wargames distractions only learning opportunities ...these could be "hey cool let's earn some history", "hey who do I paint these", or "Why the #^%$ did I buy these things anyway"



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers I'll take comfort in your comments ;)