Thursday, 26 January 2012

It all comes out in the Wash

Flicking through the Games Workshop guide of "How to Paint Citadel Miniatures" I came across the concept of a Guide Coat (see page 42 of said tome). The idea being that to get really bright in your face colours a White undercoat brings out the colours much, much more but an unwelcome side-effect is that fine detail becomes harder to pick out. Using a wash to slightly discolour the figure helps by allowing wash to gather in crooks and crannies for better definition of distinct areas and detail.

Seeing as I had a few Citadel Washes lying around I thought this was just the ticket for my Eldar impulse purchases. See below for a Vallejo "Bone White" undercoat with a wash of Citadel "Baal Red", for a "slightly pink" Eldar Guardian:

Another Edlar Guardian gets a 'brown effect' with the same Vallejo "Bone White" undercoat and an "Ogryn Flesh" Citadel Wash (see below):

It certainly made a difference in being able to pick the detail out, and I was fairly impressed. No further forward with the real painting but I could see far more of the model. I continued the painting experiment using what paints I had to hand (see below):

I followed the painting guide theme as per the packet illustration using:
  • Anita's Acrylics "Earth Brown" mixed with Anita's Acrylics "Dark Red" for the armour
  • Mixing in Games Workshop's "Sunburst Yellow" fpr good highlighting effect with the above
  • Anita's Acrylics "Midnight Blue" mixed with Anita's Acrylics "Cream" for the weapon
  • Anita's Acrylics "Cream" was also used neat for the helmet
  • Anita's Acrylics "Metallic Black" was mixed with Games Workshops "Mithril Silver for some 'exhausty' vent things on the back of the model
  • Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black X-18 was used on the visor and arm bracelet, the former flecked with "Midnight Blue + Cream" eye slots
  • The breast and arm gems were painted with Games Workshop Goblin Green and a touch of Anita's Acrylic "Cream" added for a highlight
So end'eth the 'painting psalm' of the Eldar Guardian!

Starship Trooper for Hire (see above), suits you sir.

Of the Games Workshop Science Fiction "races" I enjoy painting 'selected' items of the:
  • Tau
  • Tyranids
  • Necrons
    Empire Space Marines
  • (and now)Eldar. 
I have "odds and sods figures" from all the above without playing the 40K Game System (something on the list to do before I die). To me they are more Generic Sci-Fi figures to be mixed in and matched with any other Sci-Fi kit and rules I have to hand.


Monty said...

Good post, Geordie - very interesting.When I returned to the hobby 3 years ago, I used the Army Painter Strong Tone Shade, which is excellent; now though, I too am moving towards GW shades with a AP Soft Tone finish, which I think looks better and gives you more control over the final look ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I was just having a conversation the other day with a fellow wargamer remarking how many new painting products help with effects

Washes, colour ranges, special shades of historical colours, varnishes and inks

Once upon a time there was only Airfix/Humbrol Enamels and Tamiya Acrylics or Artists Oils

How times have changed (for the better)

The range of kits is now unbelievable too