Friday, 27 January 2012

Two Gangs of Four and a Ship

The Citadel "wash" experimentation continues:

Note: A run of DIY jobs comes to assist my wargaming modelling, the mixture left over from grouting the tiles in the bathroom comes in handy to texture the bases (a very light/bright alien looking planet rock). The Red Guardian has had its base washed over, its base was also textured with a toothbrush.  

The two back figures (see above: Blue and brown) were base coated in Games Workshop "Sand Yellow" before receiving a couple of coats of wash just to see the effect. Methinks it loses all the subtle advantages of the wash and becomes just a semi opaque paint of little additional value - Golden Rule: One guide wash is enough. The chap to the front left above was base coated in Games Workshop "Dark Angels Green" (in fact the last effective use from this dried up bottle before it was discarded with a third of the paint unused) then washed over in Citadel "Asurmen Blue". The result was a very dark looking affair apart from the helmet's Anita's Acrylic "Cream" turning a shade of medium blue. Again I applied two washes which seems to be an overkill. The Red Guardian was left alone from further experimentation (and oh boy was he glad).

The double washed figures don't look so bad in the bright light of my halogen spot-light (Mr Blue and Mr Brown to the left above). I have also started a rescue attempt on the Dark Green model by using Games Workshop's "Goblin Green" (I seem to have a lot of this colour for some reason) on its body and Games Workshops "Sunburst Yellow" on the helmet. It now reminds me of the Green Goblin from the Spiderman films. The dark blue wash over the dark green base coat equates to a dark black undercoat (Ok for a bit of dark lining) but nothing much has been gained for all the extra work involved (three coats instead of one). Note the red Martian soil underfoot and an igneous flowing feel to the base ;)

Meanwhile ...

More historical plunder lies on the painting tray (see above). My 28mm Redoubt Enterprises Renaissance Light/Medium horse (two little grey's) finally get some attention. In the distance behind them is the 1/1200 KM Prince Eugen slowly getting a lighter shade of grey applied to her superstructure.

The full complement of Renaissance Horse is seen above, complete with their riders, crossbowmen. These would bring a much needed balance to my Renaissance Impetus army,  as in one base of screening missile firing light horse. Hark, the call and lure of the Renaissance is beckoning my brush. I like it when I get started, but the trouble is just getting started in the first place ;)


Monty said...

Good stuff Geordie ;)

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

I am liking this technique with the wash - so much so that I am considering using the same for the 15mm 1890s Fezian and Rusland forces. The Fezians (aka Balkan Wars Turks are primarily dark blue whilst the Rusland (Balkan Wars Bulgarians)are green. Pick out the details in solid colours and voila! Instant armies.

Sounds like a plan and thanks for the tip!

All the best,