Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Final New Years Modelling Treat for ME!

Given that the annual New Year Exodus took me up to Edinburgh again, I managed to 'orchestrate' a trip to the Wonderland model shop on Lothian Road, Santa's Grotto to me, using the feeble excuse of a faulty Scalectrix car needing an urgent repair. While there I spotted the following "must buys":

HaT's German Mounted WWII Infantry, something which can complement the German Cyclist WWII Infantry (seeing is believing) and also something I can classify as an "20mm WWII early war". I was originally keeping an eye out for HaT's plastic Polish WW2 Infantry box (to complement my Polish Tank forces) but settled for these instead. Also no sign for HaT's WWII Italian Cavalry, maybe next time.

Next were these fine German Paratrooper figures from Italeri, out for a while now, but like all their new mouldings simply too good to pass up on, I had wanted them for a while. Discretion being the better part of valour meant that I stopped myself going infantry crazy over the Italeri 'Tank Hunter Teams' and an intriguing Italeri Italian WW2 large (10.5cm?) Artillery piece.     

Finally I did make sure I got one of these kits from Zvezda, essential for an early war, self respecting Motorised Rifle Battalion of the Soviet Union. This also meant I neglected to buy the Airfix WWII 1/76 Cromwell and the WW2 1/76 Airfix Churchill Bridgelayer kits (again), but I had a lack of funds and space. Their time will come I am sure ;)


Tim Gow said...

Sounds like good day out! I've not been to Wonderland in years. The Italian gun you mention might be the 90mm AA. Or possibly the 149mm?

Tsold9000 said...

The extra heads come in handy too.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It must have been the 149mm as if it was the 90mm AA I would have got it! The former was. Tad too big for on table use unless a LRDP/SAS scenario was in play.

Yes, the extra heads are a handy acquisition for the spare box.

VolleyFireWargames said...

Geordie did not realize you were in Scotland I was there in Edinburgh for 4 months from Feb to June where is this shop in relation to Leith Walk and Princes street? I hope to go back but the economy prevented a spring trip for 2012.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello VolleyFireWargames,

I 'visit' rather than live in Scotland/Edinburgh, but I have happy family ties and found memories of an 'Aberdonian' history related back to my uni days and first post uni job :)

Check out Wonderland Model's location via these URL's,-3.20509&spn=0.031481,0.087547&om=1