Thursday, 1 March 2012

1/300 Panzer IV Battalion's painting cont ...

The Panzer IV F2 battalion gets the Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow effect (base coat), a little too much of the Afrika Korp look about them in the first instance but nevertheless a decent base colour (see below):

A close up (yes again  I need to use my camera not the Blackberry). Despite the 1/300 scale the Heroics and Ross figures have a fair amount of detail to them  that comes out with a touch of selective painting (see below):

Now in their "Anita's Acrylic Metallic Black" (watered down wash/paint mixture) 'undercoat' the GHQ Panzer IV H's models stand as a definitive standard of detail (almost too much fine detail, to the point of seeing spare track links laid over the front of the hull and coils of spare wire hanging off the back of the engine cowling). Slightly bigger at 1/285 scale but a lot smaller than the Skytrex 1/200 early war stuff I have (see below):

I am still working on a "factory production phase" all of one per battalion through a stage at a time. Hence the Pz IV F2's are all yellow base coated and the Pz IV H's are all metallic black undercoated. Next up, time to base coat yellow the GHQ Pz IV H's.


Paul said...

Nice detail on these tiny things.

Rather you than me Geordie.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes I am wondering about the long term effects of too much of this stuff on my eyes!

Still a little shouldn't hurt too much.