Thursday, 29 March 2012

Renaissance Impetus Battle: Maximillian v Swiss (300 points)

The Swiss Army (My Opponent): 

The "bad" guys, aka the enemy. An army of Renaissance Swiss (see below), those two crack Pike Blocks are deceptively small but perfectly formed killing squares ('A' class, 6 + 1 + 1 + 3I = 11 attack dice). They have four skirmish crossbow units to shield them from prying missiles and two units of halberdiers to cover their flanks. The Swiss Knights form an emergency reserve unit of hard Impetus enabled cavalry. A professional looking army. The only good news is that because they are so expensive there are not many of them.The BAD news about this army is that to defeat it you have to kill at least TWO 'layers' of pikemen! (Note: Check out the lovely banners, click on the picture)

The Maximilian Landsknechts Army (Me):

My "Wing of Horse" (see below), the "Four 'light' Horsemen of the Apocalypse" with mounted crossbows, shielding the Germanic Men-At-Arms from the unwanted attentions of enemy skirmishers, a unit of skirmish Harquebusiers doing likewise for my noble (as opposed to shrewd and intelligent) Burgundian knights. The pity about Renaissance battles is that the tough Impetus enabled cavalry always manage to find armoured infantry types (armed with halberds or pikes) that negate their treasured Impetus shock factor. The Germanic MAA are to be feared because of their deep formation which imparts a persistent staying power in the attack.    

A 'cross' of Pike (See below). Three layers of Maximilian Landsknechts (still only 8 attack dice to the Swiss 11 and they have TWO pike blocks) and two sleeves of shot (upgraded to 'four' attack dice each ... ow), with a skirmish unit of crossbowmen and a Doppelsoldner unit (a skirmish unit with impact?) out front to soak up the 'interest' sure to be visited by the Swiss skirmish units. I may even work out how to use these Doppelsoldners 'legally' this battle (I'll explain later).

Look, I've been reading some history books (see below). Place your artillery behind an impassable lake or bog so it can shoot all day with impunity. The newly painted artillery stands 'wanting' for an enemy target. The camp behind the artillery is just paper card stock with a few random spare bases floating on them. After painting the Renaissance 'General' [Charles V] figure these camp bases will be next up on the painting table. 

Next: Let battle commence.
My ten units to the Swiss nine, quality versus quantity


sebastosfig said...

ooohhhhh, pure goodness coming in, I suppose?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I should have made it clear that there are two armies above (I've done a little edit above)