Tuesday, 13 March 2012

GHQ Panzer IV H's in Battalion Strength

Here we come:

Walking down the street:

Get the funniest looks:

From everyone we meet:

Hey, hey we're the Mark IV's: 

People say we 'panzer' around:

But we're too busy upgrading:

To let incoming get us down ...

OK I'll get my coat but first before I go I should apologize to any dyed in the wool Monkees fan who happens on by (in my defense I too was a childhood follower, along with the Banana Splits). But here you have the above, a heavily reinforced (sixteen as opposed to the normal eleven Pz Mk IV H's) German 1944 Mk IV H Panzer Battalion. I can put my brush down now, an exhausted but happy man. Bonus points to anyone who spotted the GHQ Hanomag 251/1 but Heroics and Ros AA Mobelwagon :)

Note: Remember if you click an image you get a film strip but you can zoom in further by once you are in the filmstrip "right click" and select "view image" to see an even closer shot of each photo :)


Erhntly said...

Vuuuuu nice Battalion ..!!

Tim Gow said...

A result which justifies all your hard work! And musical accompaniment too! I am agog to see what unit the Banana Splits will accompany....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Erhntly, and I think even in 1944 a Pz IV would not want to meet a KV2 with a 152mm Howitzer as per your picture ;)

Tim, at least my modelling is better than my muzak collection

Looking forward to your next Fletcher Pratt naval

Paul said...

Really top notch work Geordie. The Bn looks very dangerous.

Comments will return once you get back to the 20th Century...LOL

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

See you soon then :)