Sunday, 18 March 2012

Time is the Ultimate Enemy: A Drawn State of Affairs!

The battle continues ....

The previously lackluster Harquebusiers of the right flank stepped-up and discharged a devastating short range volley into the cotton clad invaders (I can call them "invaders" as determined by dice roll it was found that the New Kingdom Egyptian's had a folly for invading sixteenth Century Italy). One minute there was a unit of Egyptian Infantry there then next they were there all lying down in a big heap (see below):   

I put it down to the strange and magical "Harquebusier" effect. Renaissance (2) Chariots (1). To the right side of this exchange an epic battle between the Germanic MAA and Chariots unfolded. Blows were evenly traded, but the telling tale was that the deep MAA formation remained fresh while the Egyptians waned, soon to bend then ultimately break. Before that time however a 'fresh' Chariot eyed the Harquebusiers with a deadly charge in mind (see below).

The grist of the combat was taking place in the center where the Pike Block lay. A unit of Egyptian heavy infantry were shattered and removed from play but a layer of brave pike were removed, Renaissance (3) and Chariots (2). To the left two "continuing melees" were ongoing. The innermost was the sleeve of shot (Harquebusiers again) had ground down some heavy Egyptian infantry to a "two dice to one" combat in the Renaissance favour, though both sides were down to their handbags by this point. A mute point for the Egyptian was that his Generalissimo was tucked away in this very unit, not where I had assumed (in a reserve Chariot formation at the back). This "Son of Pharaoh" had taken a position of honour but was now looking a tad nervous as he was fresh out of 'Dice of Destiny' (re-rolls to non-Impetus players). Further to the left my brave, battered, bruised and bloody Burgundian Knights, they were still at it, though now down to half-strength. As usual they had adopted a bloody-mindset, caring naught but for their honour. The Egyptian archers were waning but had not "gone" yet, each side was waiting for the "killing blow" from the other..  

So there it hung in the balance. All depended upon the next two or three rounds, but time was our master not our slave and both Generals were tugged homeward. Could my Great Cannon and short range Harquebusier fire slay the rampant Egyptian Chariot? Would the flagging Egyptian left collapse or hold? Would the Pike Block turned upon the next Egyptian Heavy Infantry units (worn by the previous attention of my Great Cannon)? Would the Germanic MAA surge forward into the melee afresh knocking aside their fading Chariot foe? Or ... would the Pike Blocks flank be exposed to a devastating Chariot attack and enveloping "cotton clad heavy" infantry attack? Who knows ... a bloody drawn fixture it remained, but also a great Impetus learning day out.   

As the whistle calls time and the game stops, "Lady G" summons both generals back to their respective "hearth and homes" for a bit of R&R. Apologies to one and all but her modesty was saved by "MS Paint" application and a block layer of grey pixels ;)

Renaissance Army to Do List:
  • Second Games Workshop Empire Great Cannon to make, in order to "fill up" the artillery base
  • Paint Charles V (HRE) to be used as the General de Renaissance
  • Create cultured vignettes for Renaissance "Camp" bases (Redoubt Enterprises have some excellent drunken Landschnecktsand and a formidable "recruiting table" scene, Irregular Miniatures always have some interesting figures to chuck in but alas I am at a complete loss to source Renaissance harlots ... a Google search to be wary of if ever there was one!)

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