Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Where is the Hun? Answer: Behind you! Two German scouts fall upon the French N17's, nearly but not quite in machine gun range, but they have the advantage.

Well at least we are getting to use the "tailing" rules, though it's not very nice being tailed (see below). Luckily for the Frenchies we are at a sufficient altitude different not quite to reach:

Pierre La Flanne performs a twisting "Immelman" to reverse course and go head-to-head with his antagonist Albatross DIII. Luckily the German plays "an invalid sequence of cards" which have to be revoked and translated into "go straight" (see below):    

A game of 'chicken' ensues, accompanied to the staccato chatter of machine guns. The Albatross pilot noticeably winces taking his damage cards while Pierre is astonished to see his fuselage become look like a sieve but yet still fly (see below):    

Pierre thanks his lucky stars and breaks into a wry smile, but then his blood freezes as evil dark smoke issues forth from his engine ... would this smoke suddenly break into a deadly fire (see below)? The only good news was that the Albatross hunting Pierre was being hunted himself (see below a Sopwith Pup in the top right of the picture):

Where can Pierre run to? Where is that big, fat friendly RE8 with a lovely rear gunner in it when you need it?

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