Wednesday, 7 March 2012

1/300 WW2 German Panzer IV F2 Battalion (Spearhead/BGC)

The Panzer IV F2 kit laid out in a battalion formation two companies up (plus leading recon Pz IV platoon) and one company back in reserve. The HQ Pz IV platoon plus AA and Engineering Hanomag 1/251 mills around in the middle (see below). One feature of this compact formation is that all the individual platoons are within three inches of the Battalion HQ (central to the picture below) and thus would get a +1 rally from suppression modifier. The command radius of the HQ is twelve inches (on the attack, doubled if defending a designated static position), with the exception that the recon element can still be in "command" (double)twenty four inches away:

Sweeping down for a closer look at the leading elements. I still have to put unit marker notation on the rear of each stand, along the brown strip where I have left a "space".

Even closer still. This is about as in focus as I can get with the Blackberry's camera. The jury is still out as I am perfecting my factory painting technique. I think it looks too spotty, or when things are so small as this who cares, they are going to be viewed from six foot away!

Trouble is I care too much!


Monty said...

Looks pretty good to me, Geordie!

Paul said...

I agree with Monty, they look great Geordie.

2 up one back, classic stuff!

Phil Broeders said...

Nice work fella! I like the idea of the brown bit at the back of the base...

Tim Gow said...

Looking good - when you have a better camera to hand I think more pics would be in order.

Mojo said...

Cool, never heard about Heroics & Ros before!
Always played with the thought of buying some GHQ stuff, but it looked too expensive to me.
40p per vehicle! I can live with the lower level of detail :D

Your stuff looks good!
Cheers, Mojo

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks for the comments it makes the pain of sore eyes all worth while ;)

Phil, the brown "unit marker" space at the back of the base is courtesy of hard earned experience from some veteran 1/300 WWII wargamers at the Hartlepool club

They experienced too many pick the "stand" up to read the bottom of the base then wonder where did it go back onto the table-top(?) moments

It mostly works but sometimes with the larger tanks (1/285 GHQ in particular) it gets hard to squeeze them onto a 30mm by 30mm stand

I will try an get a few decent camera shots of the tanks