Monday, 9 July 2012

Gaul's Do It Best When They Are Drunk (DBMM Battle Part II)

The Gauls surge forward, a tight bound mass of heaving sweating warbands fronted by a line of light Psiloi, taking full advantage of the rough ground as a hiding place from the Indian mounted (see below): 

A downside to this cunning plan is the double ranked bank of Indian bows about to "darken the skies" with a thunderstorm of arrows (see below):

The result was predictable, with most but not all of the line of "lights" running to the back of the warband for shelter. Presumably the warband are too drunk to notice (see below). No fatalities which was a huge bonus. (Footnote: After battle analysis revealed a missing DBMM modifier that was not applied. When 'bow' fires but is not fired back at, there should be a +1 modifier in their favour. Which means by laws of statistics one or more of those Psiloi would have been as dead as a Monty Python parrot. Also so much for the players who had read the rules from cover to cover, this was only the third time the Indians had fielded a mass or archers, methinks even the Roman could have pointed this out!).

On the Indian right their mounted surge forward. As part of a cunning anti-mounted tactic the "Legion" have spent their PiPs deploying a curious tactical group into another rough area. A 'flawed' secure flank or a 'sally point', only time will tell (see below):    

Subtle modifications, the "Legion" moves up just out of camera shot to the right and the Auxillia of the "Legion" lining the rough form the flank of an 'L' (see below): 

Meanwhile over on the Roman right, the "other Legion" hugs the hill like their mothers beast to protect them against vicious looking Indian War Chariots, while a 'mish-mash' of other troop types are pushed (probably against their will) around the Indian left flank (see below):  

I have to confess, certainly up to this point the DBMM rules seem to be playing very well, with a pleasing looking historical troop blocks and no bickering quibbles.

Next: More Arrows and the Warband's Charge of Death or Gory Glory


Monty said...

Great work Geordie!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I was a mere participant and humble witness/scribe, honour the Redcar wargaming lads who keep this campaign (and many others) running as I "dip in and out as family life dictates possible"

They have fab collections of figures for sure!